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Bagavathy of Kerala


Kerala is famous for the hundreds of Maa Bagavthy temples. We have Bagavathi temples right across the state from Kanyakumari in the south to Mookambika temple in the north ( though both these are not in the state of Kerala).

Maa Bagavathy of Kanyakumari has already been included in the site. Now we are giving the details and photographs of two of the Bagavathy temples.


MAA Baagavathy of Kodungallur
Click on Image to view the full photograph

Kodungallor Bagavathy temple is the oldest Devi temple in Kerala. Kodungallur itself was the old capital of the Chera kingdom by the name Musiri. The traveller Pliny has described the port Muziris in his writing. He mentions a brisk trade between the Cheras and Rome during the first century A.D.

The Kodungallur temple is believed to be erected by Cheran Chenguttuvan the famous Chera king for Kannagi the legendary heroine of Chilappadhikaram, a famous Tamil literary work.

The Bharani festival at this temple is famous as there is a congregation of Velichappadus (priests of Devi temples who act as oracles) of different Devi temples.


Manappullukavu Bagavathy

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This Devi temple is near Palghat set in the midst of paddy fields. There was a time when only Adimais (slaves) of the Devi could perform certain rituals. Now there is no such restriction.

There is no image at this temple. What is seen is the silver covering representing the Devi.




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