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Containing links to articles on different aspects of MAA and Sakthism.

delt03sr.gif (1160 bytes) 1. Many Faces of MAA KAALI - David Nelson

An authoritative article which throws new light on the worship of MAA KAALI

delt03sr.gif (1160 bytes)2. The Indian Religion of the Goddess Shakti - DR. Hans Koester
The Journal Of the Siam Society - Vol.23, part 1-1929 July

This is an article I found on the Internet. As I do not remember where I found it I am not able to obtain the permission of the concerned people.

The articles are given as written by the Authors. In the old days Gurus used to monitor the information given to the disciple so that he gets the information suited to his temperament and evolution. But this is not possible now. So what you make of these articles depend on your temperament,beliefs, stage of progress in the spiritual path and not but the least on what path you follow.

I shall be grateful if the viewers will send me your suggestions regarding articles which you think can be put on this page.

As the articles are very long and thought provoking I would suggest that you save the web pages and read them off line.

Arrow 3. Poems found on the net and translations of poems on MAA.


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